Using Your Ozobot Evo at Home

Connecting from a Phone or Tablet

The robot works with any Android or iOS device, although tablets work best. From your device, go to and click on the link to install the *FREE* app.


Once you install and launch the app, it will ask you to create an account with Ozobot. This is optional but helpful. When you have an account, you can save and load your programs instead of having to re-do your programs every time you want to use the robot. If you have multiple kids, you can register multiple accounts with the same parent email address.

If you have an account, you can rename the robot: select the robot, connect to it, and choose “Ownership” to claim it and rename it.

You can control the robot from a phone or tablet, and you can also program the robot from this website –

If you want to use the programming games we used at camp, there are *FREE* versions of all the apps.

Using Color Codes and Markers

You can use any markers that have a solid red, green, blue, and black color.

You can order stickers on Amazon – they are called “Overwrite Sticker Codes for Ozobot” when you search. You can also click here to go to the product page on Amazon directly.

You can also simply use markers and tape. If you have white tape that works best, but you can also use light tan masking tape. Place the tape where you want to draw your color code, and then use your markers on the tape. Be sure to use your black marker to give the robot a line to follow all the way through the length of the tape. Also remember to place your color codes about one finger-width away from an intersection so it has time to think before turning.

Only Have a Phone? Use the Website to Program the Robot

The Ozobot Evo app doesn’t allow you to program your robot from the small screen of a phone. You can, however, go directly to the editor website and program the robot. It’s a little difficult from a phone (which is why they disable it from the app), but it can be done. You can also go to the editor website on a laptop or computer, save it to your account, and then run it on your robot from the Evo app on your phone. Go to this website to program the robot –

When you are ready to run your program, click on the “Save” button to store the program on your account. Then go to the Evo app on your phone, go to “Programs and Tricks,” and click the “Play” button next to the name of your program.

Menu in App
Choose Your Program Name and Press Play


Having Problems?

If the robot isn’t connecting or the app seems to be not working, the quickest fix is to close the app completely. On Android, press the Overview button to see all the running apps on your device – then “throw” the Evo app away to get it to stop completely. On iPhones and iPads, press the Home button twice to see all the running apps on your device and “throw” the Evo app away. Then re-launch the program. That fixes connection issues almost every time. You can also turn off the robot for 30 seconds and try again or try charging it completely.

Tap Overview Button (Android) or Double Tap Home (iPhone)
Swipe away the Ozobot Evo app to force it to close. Then restart it.