Celebrate the 19 Amazing Coders Who Completed the 2019 Summer Code Academy!

We had an amazing group of 19 students and a wonderful crew of leaders for the 2019 Summer Code Academy! The Ozobot Evo’s have now all migrated to their new homes with the students, and we have already heard how some of the students are continuing to unleash their technical creativity.

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Day 1 (Monday)

  • Learned the basics of computer programming using the app “Lightbot”
  • Learned how to control the robot (known as the “Ozobot Evo”) manually using the tablet
  • Made a “robot” with our snack food
  • Made a cardboard maze for our robots to drive through



Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • Learned how the Evo follows lines on a page
  • Learned how to control the Evo using Color Codes
  • Explored how the Evo’s proximity sensors work
  • Learned how to reuse code inside the Lightbot app
  • Made a “maze” with our snack food
  • Made our own BrushBots using toothbrushes and pager motors


Day 3 (Wednesday)

  • Used OzoBlockly to program the Evo with a visual programming language
  • Learned how to use loops to program repetitive behavior
  • Learned how to reuse code with functions
  • Learned how to store information with variables
  • Made an “obstacle course” or a “dancing robot” with our snack food
  • Had a giant robot race and king of the hill contest with our robots

Day 4 (Thursday)

  • Learned how to respond to events with the proximity sensors on the Evo (made self-driving cars!)
  • Programmed the robots to be AI sumo wrestlers
  • Sent the Evo’s to their new homes
  • Made a “self-driving car” with our snack food


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Photos from the Week